Voltage Detector
Boost DC DC Converter
Buck DC/DC Converter
Low Dropout Voltage Regulator
Low Dropout Voltage Regulator (Bipolar)
Adjustable Shunt Regulator
USB Current Limit
Battery Charger
Low Power Real-Time Clock (RTC)
HOMEEnvironmental Policy
ACE Technology Corp is committed to maintaining a safe and hygienic environment and is honored to follow our
companys environmental policy. We make the following commitments:
As a minimum, to comply with all environmental laws and regulations applicable to our business and activities.
To ensure that employees receive training appropriate to their functions concerning ACE's environmental
To raise employees awareness of ACE's environmental impact, activities, and performance and to promote
       individual good practice.
To make efficient and environmentally responsible use of energy and water.
To reduce and, where practicable, prevent pollution.

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